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Jennifer Erwin of Jennifer Erwin Coaching

EP #101: Jennifer Erwin of Jennifer Erwin Coaching

June 25, 20241 min read

Meet Jennifer Erwin of Jennifer Erwin Coaching!

Jennifer Erwin is a women’s empowerment coach dedicated to guiding high-achieving moms through burnout to a thriving, confident life.  After leaving a successful teaching career due to burnout, she found her new calling in life coaching in 2016 and has been supporting women ever since.  As a recovering perfectionist and empathetic high-achiever, Jennifer intimately understands the challenges women face with a loud inner critic, often leading to overwhelm and stress. Her mission is to help women conquer burnout and inner stress and become their own best friend to create purposeful, connected lives. With expertise in self-compassion, feminine power, mindfulness, positive psychology, and non-violent communication, Jennifer empowers women to overcome overwhelm and anxiety, paving the way to a grounded, satisfying life.

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