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Nakia Laubscher of Chefate

EP #100: Nakia Laubscher of Chefate

June 25, 20241 min read

Meet Nakia Laubscher of Chefate!

We connect busy people with joyful food.  Our clients can choose chef-developed recipes from our cookbook to create their shopping lists and add on any other grocery staples desired. Then Chef Nakia goes grocery shopping for them and delivers all groceries in reusable produce bags and shopping bags. The client does all of the food prep and cooking but if they have any questions along the way, we offer ‘phone a chefpro’ to get direct access to Chef Nakia.

We love providing culinary advice for at-home cooks so they can build confidence in their cooking skills. This confidence breeds creativity and more joy in the kitchen. We want our clients to have as many joyful experiences in the kitchen as possible and create bonding moments with family. We strive to give our clients back their time so they can enjoy food and pursue their hearts’ passions.

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