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EP #72 - Micah Jefferson - Restoration 1 of West Denver

April 30, 20241 min read

Micah Jefferson was born in Washington, N.C., and raised in a military family, experiencing frequent moves until settling in Maryland. His mother's successful career path as Chief Marketing Officer inspired Micah's belief in adaptability and seizing opportunities.

 After earning an engineering degree, Micah relocated to Denver, initially working in civil engineering before transitioning to computer programming. In 2000, he joined Level 3 Communications, where his risk-taking and dedication propelled him upward for 18 years to executive roles in Operations and IT.

 In 2018, Micah took a leap into entrepreneurship, founding Restoration 1 of West Denver. Through hard work and strategic planning, his franchise grew rapidly, becoming one of the nation's largest within five years, employing over thirty people.

 Micah's journey underscores resilience and the rewards of embracing change, from his upbringing in a military family to his entrepreneurial success, proving that determination and adaptability pave the path to achievement.

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